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Long hair = high style. Here’s proof.

Hairstyle trends are never static. They can’t be, by definition alone. Trends are always on the move, evolving and reviving, over and over again. Trends in hair and fashion are an inevitable response to the varied and often very subtle shifts occurring in areas as diverse as popular culture, fringe subculture, world politics, even the economy.

But what does remain (comparatively) static is genuine style. The embracing of one’s individual preferences, regardless of what’s so hot right now, is a mark of true refinement. It’s what separates the every day from the extraordinary.

Models with long straight hair

Daphne Groeneveld, Karen Elson, Kristen McMenamy and Naomi Campbell for Roberto Cavalli SS 2012.

Ever noticed how supermodels nearly always have long hair? The designers who hire them don’t want to merely be associated with fashion. Fashion is, after all, for the masses; it’s genuine style that is for the elite. And it’s the elite for whom top-end designers wish to cater their brands.

Beautiful long black hair

Naomi Campbell for Roberto Cavalli SS 2012.

My point? Short hair may be on trend, but long hair is timeless. Long hair is classic. When properly cared for, long hair is truly a thing of beauty and will place its owner a cut above the rest.

Long haired models

Naomi Campbell, Kristen McMenamy, Karen Elson and Daphne Groeneveld for Roberto Cavalli SS 2012.

Fashion has its place, to be sure. Fashion is a lot of fun. It may be looked upon as frivolous, yet it represents so much about the world at large, so much about the time in which we live.

But style? Style represents the individual.

So which would you rather be?

Stunning red hair, long straight hairstyle

Karen Elson for Roberto Cavalli SS 2012.